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Dubai based food photographer.

At Weshootfood we specialize in creating high-end, trendy and engaging food related content.

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True Specialists.

Food photography is our specialty and food images are our main product. This means that we have created a unique process and narrowed down our equipment to be able to style and capture elegant food images on any location, with maximum efficiency, and without any compromise on quality.

To see some a portfolio of our images shot on location click here.

Years of Experience.

With many years of experience focusing only on food content creation, we've had the pleasure to work on regular bases with many global and local heavy weights within the F&B industry of United Arab Emirates. Some of our clients include Meraas, Emaar, Emirates Airlines, McDonald's, Pallazo Versace and Shangri-la Hotel.

See a full list of our clients.

Fine dining pastry dish with tea,  spices and red napkin shot on white background

In-house food stylist

Huge collection of props.

We have a large collection of props that we utilize on shoots, to create moods that are unique to each of our client's specific styling needs.

See our food photography prop collection.

Our in-house food stylist is an inseparable part of our visual style of work. Working for more than 10 years together with our food photographer, they can communicate almost without words and are in absolute sync. This leads to great results in less time and ultimately helps us offer a more valuable food photography packages to our clients.

Dubai based Food photographer and food stylist.

We create food related content in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and a cross the U.A.E.

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PO Box 211283 Dubai UAE

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