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what delicious looks like

For over ten years, WeShootFood have specialised in producing premium food related content for brands ranging from multinational franchises to exclusive restaurants and hotels. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we have used our expertise in food photography, videography, and styling to create highly engaging food content for a range of marketing and promotional uses.


We take care to understand your marketing brief to ensure we create the perfect visual representation of your products to maximise the impact of your advertising and promotions. Contact us to discuss how we can enhance your marketing.

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Food Styling,
it's a matter of style

A trained chef knows the importance of plating their food properly; we take the same approach to our food photography and videography. We recognise the importance of planning our shoots in advance, with our in-house stylist collaborating with our photographer on every project. 

This collaborative strategy ensures we execute shoots efficiently, guaranteeing ‘on-brand’ visuals for your marketing or advertising campaigns. You can see our work in our gallery - we don’t just deliver results, we do it with style!

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Best ingredients aren't just in the dish

Your food tastes amazing, but we eat with our eyes first; we have a large range of props available and included in our food photography packages to maximise the visual appeal of your products. From cookware and cutlery to backdrops, we can create any ambience required for your advertising and marketing needs.

We have provided a sample of our available props; if you would like to enquire about specific items to be used in a shoot, please contact us. Creating delicious food needs the best ingredients; the right props turn delicious food into beautiful food.

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